ZFRMX GOD. DAMN. SEXY. 15. 06. 2012 Album out online

ZFRMX GodDamnSexy Release 15.6.2012ZFRMX “GOD. DAMN. SEXY.”

15. 06. 2012 Album out online

As Bruce Wayne at times jumps into his batman suit, the 3 musicians of Austrias rock/pop Band „Zweitfrau“ mutate into ZFRMX and become a stunning Club Act living the idea „The Band is the Dj – The Dj is the Band!

Singer Drew Love who’s playing the drums live on stage while singing says:
„We do what we want – and we have fun with music – It’s evolution baby“

9 tracks, from french house to dancepop is the variety of ZFRMX’s first album:

Album release: 15.06.2012